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AICTE Sponsored IoT Club along with SurveySparrow-sponsored Battle of Brackets- Campus Clash - 36 Hrs Hackathon


TCE & SurveySparrow, Chennai - Entered an MoU agreement on 11.3.2023 /sites/default/files/2023-03/MoU.jpeg
Prize winners
First prize, a cash reward of Rs.50,000/- bagged by  Bit Bandits
  • HARIHARAN VJ, 2nd Year, IT
  • SRI YUVA RAANI S P,2nd Year, IT
  • ANANTHIKA S,2nd Year, IT
Mentor: Mr.P.Manoj Kumar, Assistant Professor, IT
Second prize, a cash reward of Rs.30,000/- bagged by Dream Epic
  • Haresh D, 3rd Year, CSBS
  • Thanush A A , 3rd Year, CSBS
  • Dhakshesh T L A , 3rd Year, CSBS
Mentor:Dr. P. Chitra,HoD,CSBS
Third Prize, a cash reward of Rs.20,000/- bagged by 2024_Coders
  • Harsha Prada M D,3rd Year,CSE
  • Sri Saila A S, 3rd Year,CSE
  • Venkata Subramani A T, 3rd Year,CSE
Mentor:Dr. G. Madhupriya, Associate Professor,CSE
  • Dr.C.Deisy,PI -AICTE SPICES IoT Club, HoD,IT
  • Ms.C.V.Nisha Angeline, Co-PI - AICTE SPICES  IoT Club, Assistant Professor,IT
  • Dr.K.Indira,Assistant Professor,IT
  • Ms.S.Karthiga,Assistant Professor,IT