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TCE is focused on Research & Development (R&D) in Engineering, Technology and Sciences.

We at TCE are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and diverse environment, with scholars, staff, and students collaborating with their counterparts worldwide in order to shape a robust and promising future together.

In TCE, a dynamic, interdisciplinary environment fosters collaboration between faculty, researchers, and students, resulting in the development of life-changing ideas. Global collaboration enhances our impact beyond the boundaries of our campus. Our researchers are committed to pushing boundaries in their fields, addressing contemporary issues.

TCE ignites innovation through sponsored research initiatives. By collaborating with industry leaders and professional societies such as ISRO, DRDO, AICTE, ISHRAE, DST, MHRD, our researchers address real-world challenges, pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Besides enriching academic exploration, this collaboration fosters a dynamic environment where faculty and students can engage with cutting-edge technologies.

An Intellectual Property Rights Cell at TCE ensures a culture of innovation protection. Dedicated to protecting the creative endeavors of our researchers, this cell provides guidance on patents, copyrights, and trademarks. It serves as a resource hub for understanding and navigating intellectual property issues. As part of its mission, the cell promotes awareness and provides support to faculty and students in order to assist them in protecting their innovations. Our mission at TCE is to foster innovation by recognizing, valuing, and protecting the intellectual contributions of our community in a world driven by ideas.

The Innovation Rewards Program at TCE encourages innovation and recognizes ingenuity. In the framework of this program, outstanding contributions to research, technology, and creative endeavors are recognized and rewarded. Incentives range from financial rewards to public recognition for faculty, staff, and students who push the boundaries of innovation. TCE ensures that our community thrives by fostering an environment where groundbreaking ideas are not only celebrated but also rewarded.

In the midst of our institution, the Thiagarajar Advanced Research Center stands as a beacon of innovation. A hub for cutting-edge research, the center hosts specialized laboratories such as the Advanced Materials Lab, the Vision System Lab, and the Embedded Systems Lab sponsored by DRDO, DST, and AICTE. With breakthroughs in materials science and visionary technology solutions, our researchers explore a wide range of fields. Our commitment to advancing knowledge and addressing real-world problems is exemplified by these labs that are sponsored by prestigious organizations.

TCE proudly houses the Quality Improvement Center, which aligns with AICTE's vision for enhancing education quality. Initiated with the support of the AICTE, New Delhi, this center is dedicated to the advancement of academic excellence. By focusing on continuous improvement, it facilitates the advancement of teaching methodologies, curriculum development, and overall educational practices.