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Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar

(Late) Kalaithanthai Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar (1893 - 1974)

Kalaithanthai Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar, is a great visionary with a mission. He was bestowed with the moral and social responsibility of building up this institution with an objective of serving the society. A staunch nationalist and a great industrialist, he led a life of sacrifice. He was as an exceptional educationalist, who had a keen eye on transforming lives through education. As an exceptional social savant, he left his footprints in the sands of time in all facets of his social life. Being a discrete reader, his passion for language was evident as he possessed a great command over the language of Tamil. As a generous philanthropist through his righteous deeds, he continues to live in the hearts of many. Kalaithanthai Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar is a holistic personality with spiritual aura and soul.