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tss car

TCE and TVS Motor are jointly desirous of developing a industry supported curriculum program and offer the same to the deserving students.
A Memorandum of understanding was signed between TCE and TVSM on 24 June.2010 with the objective of fostering resource development between two institutions.

The objective of the TSS CAR is to

  • Provide infrastructure for hands on experience (academic projects and collegiate events) in automotive product engineering in an interdisciplinary and  collaborative environment
  • Enable implementation of CDIO (Conceive – Design – Implement – Operate) curriculum as a member of the consortium
  • Enable faculty to take up Consulting projects with industry and carry out Academic research

TSS CAR encompass the following five centers to meet the above objectives:

  1. Automotive discovery center
  2. Product engineering lab
  3. Product build lab
  4. Electric Vehicle lab
  5. Product reliability lab

Centre Head: Dr.M.Balamurali APME
Lab Supervisor: Mr.K.Saravanakumar

  • Automotive discovery center
  • Cut sections – Present technology – IC engine
  • Evolution of automotive industry – a journey in history
  • Future mobility & inspiration
  • Technology inside automobiles

Product reliability lab (Centre Incharge: Mr. M. Karthic APME)

  • Engine and motor test dynamometer
  • ACG Endurance test rig
  • Electro dynamic shaker
  • Universal testing machine

Product Engineering lab (Centre Incharge: Mr.C.Vignesh APME)

  • Workstations hosting contemporary design and simulation software
  • Desktop PCs for offline design support and simulation

Product build lab ( Centre Incharge: Dr. M.Balamurali APME)

  • Metal Cutting – CNC Milling, CNC Turning
  • Metal Joining – TIG, MIG MAG Welding booths
  • Metal Forming – CNC Tube bending, hydraulic press
  • Assembly Station

EV Lab  ( Centre Incharge : Dr.G.Sivasankar  APEEE)

  • EV Charger test system
  • Oscilloscope, Picoscope, Function generator
  • Safety Compliance analyzer
  • Battery durability testing

Expected outcomes

  • Academic Projects – Including CDIO projects   
  • Technical projects – Participation in national, international contests)
  • Consultancy projects – Consulting and Collaborative Industry Projects
  • Academic research – Technology and applied research
  • Sponsored research (Project proposals)