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TCE Patents

Patents Granted 21
Patents Published 46
Patents Filed 01
Total Number of Patents 68
Granted Patents
S.No Patent Number Title Inventors Department Date of Filed Date of Grant Download
1 Indian Patent 512164 Heat Absorbing Phase Change Material For Helmet Cooling Earnest Jebasingh,
Dr.Amirtham Valan Arasu
MECH 15-11-2019 06-12-2019 pdf
2 Indian Patent 479645 An Automatic Rain Harvesting System for Detecting, Shielding and Storing Rain Water S.B. Sri Varuni
P. Dhanya
R. Sowmya
K. Aruna
Dr. N. Kamaraj
EEE 25-5-2022 08-12-2023 pdf
3 Indian Patent 474536 System and Method for Automatic Empty Tray Recognition Dr. B. Sathya bama.
Dr.S.Mohamed Mansoor Roomi
S.Naveen Kumar
S.Nirmal Selva
S.Raj Senthil
ECE 05-12-2022 29-11-2023 pdf
4 Indian Patent 463667 An Apparatus For Marshalling Sticks And Method Thereof Dr. B. Yogameena
Surya Kumar K
Subathraa V
Dhanushpriya P
Sridhar R
ECE 07-01-2022 30-10-2023 pdf
5 Indian patent 456543 Semi-Automatic Ac Dust Remover and Its Cleaning Apparatus Behanraj.B
Somasundari. M.G
Dr.V.Vinoth Thiagarajan
ECE 02-12-2022 04-10-2023 pdf
6 Indian Patent 432486 A Novel Modulation Technique For Grid Connected Three Phase Quasi Z Source Line Synchronized Inverter Dr.P.S.Manoharan
EEE 24-10-2018 22-05-2023 pdf
7 Indian Patent 426574 Synthesis of Graphene Using Modified Chemical Reduction Method Earnest Jebasingh,
MECH 25-06-2021 23-03-2023 pdf
8 Indian Patent 417141 A New Process For The Conversion Of Waste Plastics To Petroleum Fuels Using Chemically Modified Rice Husk   Derived Silica Catalyst Dr.M.Kottaisamy CHEMISTRY 01-09-2014 06-01-2023 pdf
9 Indian Patent 412428 Low Temperature Phase Change Material With High Latent Heat Earnest Jebasingh,
Dr.Amirtham Valan Arasu
MECH 07-11-2019 25-11-2022 pdf
10 Indian Patent 400666 Construction Blocks Prepared Using Waste Plastics and Aggregates Dr.R.Vasudevan
Dr.A. Ramalinga Chandrasekar
CHEMISTRY 12-01-2021 01-07-2022 pdf
11 Indian Patent 393605 Method of Preparation of Geopolymer Concrete Using Alternative Fine Aggregate Under Ambient Curing Conditions Mrs. M. Indhumathi,
Dr. S. Nagan
CIVIL 27-03-2019 30-03-2022 pdf
12 Indian Patent 388730 A system and method for shredding organic waste using crowd sourced manual power Rajesh Harinarayan
T.Elshaddai Harris
R.Jai Shalini
Dr.S.Mercy Shalinie
CSE 13-09-2019 08-02-2022 pdf
13 Indian Patent 344670 A Process And A System For Manufacturing Of Tiles/Blocks from Waste Plastics Dr.R.Vasudevan Chemistry 06-09-2017 20-08-2020 pdf
14 Indian Patent 338544 A Chromatographic Method For Separation of Beta-Dibromo- And Tribromo-Meso-Tetraphenylporphyrins Dr.P.Bhyrappa (IITM)
Chemistry 27-01-2015 16-06-2020 pdf
15 Indian patent 302230 System and Method for Monitoring Wetness Level on a Runway in Airports Dr.K.Hariharan ECE 22-02-2008 26-10-2018 pdf
16 US 9,014,440 B Dental Cysts Detector Dr.V.Abhaikumar
ECE 24-12-2009 21-04-2015 pdf
17 US 8,948,462 B2 Texture Identification Dr.V.Abhaikumar
ECE 28-03-2014 03-02-2015 pdf
18 US 8,699,785 B2 Texture Identification Dr.V.Abhaikumar
ECE 2-11-2010 15-04-2014 pdf
19 US 8,862,063 B2 Devices and Methods for Phase Shifting a Radio Frequency (Rf) Signal for a Base Station Antenna Dr.V.Abhaikumar
Dr.Srinivasan Raju
Mr.S.Deepak Ram Prasath
ECE 10-12-2012 14-10-2014 pdf
20 US 8,670,720 B2 Devices and Methods for Phase Shifting a Radio Frequency (Rf) Signal for a Base Station Antenna Dr.V.Abhaikumar
Dr.Srinivasan Raju
Mr.S.Deepak Ram Prasath
ECE 10-12-2012 11-03-2014 pdf
21 Indian patent 198254 A new mix process of waste plastics-aggregate-bitumen for flexible pavement Dr.R.Vasudevan Chemistry 27-06-2002 13-01-2006 pdf
Published Patents
S.No Application Number Title Inventor Department Date of Filing Published Date Download
1 202341044755 A Device to Filter Air-Pollutants Harshithaa K R
Karunyah K, Deepthi E
Harini Aananthi K S
Swetha S, Kanmani K
Sneha S R, G Ananthi
B Yogameena, S Rajaram
ECE 04-08-2023 19-01-24 pdf
2 202341080311 Multipurpose Agricultural Machine Dr.Karthikeyan
G. S. Gokula Prasanna
S. Guhan
T. Gokula Krishnan
B. Abdullah
MECHANICAL 26-11-2023 22-12-23 pdf
3 202341076545 An Automated System For Vertical Farming Dr.G.Ananthi
Aghalya. P
Bhuvanshree. B
ECE 09-11-23 22-12-2023 pdf
4 202341076397 Ride Safe- Two Wheeler Monitoring System K V Uma
K Indira
C Deisy
S S Ashok kumar
T R Parameshwaran
C B Madhusudhanan
A K Vighnesh
IT & CSE 08-11-2023 15-12-23 pdf
5 202341076352 Spice Guide - A Voice Assisted Spice Identifier For The Visually Impaired. Pa. Yazhini Malar
C. R. Vijayabaskar
R. Sowmiyapriya
M. Rajeshwari
J. Hazel Shirley Sharon
A. Ananth Meyyappan
Dr. D. Gracia Nirmala Rani
Dr. B. Yogameena
Dr. S. Rajaram
ECE 08-11-2023 15-12-23 pdf
6 202341076224 An Automated Low-Cost Seed Sowing Machine – An Agricultural Product Dr.Sridevi
C Deisy
C V Nisha Angeline
S Aravind
E Rahul Ganesh
S SivaPratheep
IT 08-11-23 15-12-23 pdf
7 202341060081 Computer Numerically Controlled Plotter System S Julius Fusic Mechatronics 7-09-2023 06-10-2023 pdf
8 202341054997 Hysterisis Loop Framed Electric Bicycle S Julius Fusic
M Balamurali
C Vignesh
16-8-2023 01-09-2023 pdf
9 202241009346 Augmented Reality Based System For Teaching Children With Autism And Method Thereof Dr. D.Tamil Selvi
S.Sai Naveena Sri
M.Bhavani Devi
IT 22-02-2022 25-08-2023 pdf
10 202241004752 Interactive System For Creating Virtual Reality to Users And Method Thereof Abirami A M
Donifa Babu B M
Malathy G
Srivishali K
Sujatha K
IT 28-01- 2022 28-07-2023 pdf
11 202241001389 Personalized Learning Analysis System And Method Thereof Dr.R.Leena Sri
CSE 11-01-2022 07-04-2023 pdf
12 202241065686 System And Method for Automatic Motor Winding Resistance Testing P.S.Manoharan
R.Senthil Murugan
EEE 16-11-2022 10-02-2023 pdf
13 202241070204 IoT-driven system of Machine Vision-Based Person Detection Using Machine learning for Visual Surveillance System Dr.G.S.R.Emil Selvan
CSE 05-12-2022 09-12-2022 pdf
14 202111006146 A Method Of Electro Chemical Machining (ECM) Of A Sample Of An Alloy For Fine Surface Finish Dr.S.Balaji
Chemistry 13-02-2021 30-09-2022 pdf
15 202141000190 Novel clinical decision support system for risk factor prediction and estimation in patients with disease specific syndromes Dr.A.Sheik Abdullah
IT 04-01-2021 08-07-2022 pdf
16 202041052846 SE Portable Machine for Cutting, Drilling and Matte Finishing Applications AN.Subbiah
D.Bhaven Kumar Jain
S.Julius Fusic
MECT 04-12-20 10-06-2022 pdf
17 202041030459 System And Technique For Detecting Inferior Alveolar Nerve Canal In Dental Images Mrs.P.UmaMaheswari
Dr.A. Banumathi
Dr.S.Md.Mansoor roomi
ECE 16-07-2020 21-01-2022 pdf
18 202141043343 Mobility-Aware Intelligent Framework For Fog Based Ambulatory Services. Dr.S.Padmavathi,
Ms.Jeyshree ,
IT 24-09-2021 7-1-2022 pdf
19 202141041241 An Efficient High-Speed VLSI Architecture For Performing Scalar Multiplication In The Binary Field M.Kalaiarasi
Dr.V.Vinoth Thyagarajan
ECE 13-10-21 31-12-2021 pdf
20 202141046662 Compact Space Filling Curve Based Rf Mems Phase Shifters For 5gapplications Dr.S.Kanthamani,
S.Mohamed Mansoor Roomi,
N.M.mary Sindhuja
ECE 14-10-21 31-12-2021 pdf
21 201941031579 A Novel System And Method For Artificial Intelligence Based Load Monitoring And Automation System Using Iot Dr. S. Charles Raja
Mr. T. Karthick
Dr. S. Baskar
EEE 01-08.-2019 12-02-2021 pdf
22 201941029982 A Computer Implemented Method Using EMG Signal’s Bispectrum For Feature Extraction R.Rajapriya
ECE 24-07-2019 29-01-2021 pdf
23 201941022631 Automatic Saline Monitoring System Dr.R. Suganya,
Mr.FaizMahammed Ali
IT 05-06-2019 11-12-2020 pdf
24 201941002630 A Novel Algorithm For Software Development Effort Estimation Dr.N.Sivakumar
CSE 26-01-2019 24-7-2020 pdf
25 201841029503 Novel Design Of Autonomous Guided Vehicle With Servo Steering Control Mechanism Mr.S.Julius Fusic
MECT 06-08-2018 07-02-2020 pdf
26 202041010535 A System And Method For Integrated Monitoring, Control And Management Of Various Parameters Of Agriculture And Crop Growth And A Device For Implementing The Same S.Rakesh Kumar
Dr. D.Peter Augustine
Dr. S. Muthuramalingam
Dr. Ramesh
Dr.B. Balamurugan
IT 12-03-2020 20-03-2020 pdf
27 201841034358 Novel System, Method And Design For Removing Non-Usable Weeds In The Farm Land Mr.M.Manikandakumar
Dr. P. Karthikeyan
IT 12-09-2018 13-03-2020 pdf
28 201841034357 Novel System, Method And Design For Remote Livestock Monitoring From Grazing Poisonous Plants And Weeds Mr.M.Manikandakumar
Dr. P. Karthikeyan
IT 12-09-2018 13-03-2020 pdf
29 201841030824 Novel System For Tracking Overloaded Vehicles Dr.S.Muthuramalingam
Ms.C.V.Nisha angeline
IT 17-08-2018 21-02-2020 pdf
30 201841030823 Novel System Design For Prevention Of Accidents In No-Man Level Crossings Using GPS Mobile Alerts Dr.S.Muthuramalingam
R.Shaleni Pappaye
Rm.Vallimayil Muthathal
IT 17-08-2018 21-02-2020 pdf
31 201841030822 Novel System For Air Pollution Detection And Control By Traffic Monitoring Dr.S.Muthuramalingam
S.Santhosa Priyan
IT 17-08-2018 21-02-2020 pdf
32 201841029659 Novel System, Method And Design For Portable Livestock Shelter Remote Monitoring System Mr.M.Manikandakumar
Dr. P. Karthikeyan
IT 07-08-2018 14-2-2020 pdf
33 201841029658 Novel System, Method And Device For Multiple Print Screen Option Of A Computer Keyboard Dr. P. Karthikeyan
IT 07-08-2018 14-2-2020 pdf
34 201841023572 System And Methods For On The Fly Intelligent Knowledge Acquisition And Context Aware Scribing Using Iot Dr.Karthick Seshadri
Dr.Vijayalakshmi Murugesan
Dr.Mercy Shalinie Selvaraj
CSE 25-06-2018 03-01-2020 pdf
35 201841042077 Portable Coconut Peeling Machine Naveen .KT
Dr. M Elango,
MECH 08-11-2018 15-05-2020 pdf
36 201941016140 Machine Vision Based, Automatic, Non-Destructive Testing Of Fruits And Vegetables” Dr.B.Sathyabama
D. Synthiya Vinothini
A. Arunesh
ECE 24-04-2019 30-10-2020 pdf
37 201941016138 Wrist Band Antenna For Medical Applications A.Thenmozhi
ECE 24-04-2019 30-10-2020 pdf
38 201941014854 System And Method For Speed Regulation In Vehicles A.Thenmozhi
SalaiAdhityan G
Faiz Mohammed Ali
M. V. Ramsundar
ECE 12-04-2019 16-10-20 pdf
39 201841028531 Novel System And Design Of An Optimistic Approach Of Clustering Algorithm For Real Time Telecom System Dr.R. Suganya,
Dr.S. Rajaram,
IT 30-07-2018 07-02-2020 pdf
40 201841029494 Novel System And Energy Harvesting Method And Device For Wearable Medical Device Dr.D.Gracia Nirmala Rani
ECE 06-08-2018 07-02-2020 pdf
41 201841038707 Design Of Minuscule Dual Band Printed Monopole Antenna For Efficient Wireless Operations In Portable Computer Jeyashri sharad kulkarni
Dr.Raju seenivasan
Prutha Prashant Kulkarni
Deepak Ram Prasath Subburaj
ECE 11-10-2018 17-04-2020 pdf
42 201841002446 Automatic Ceiling Fan Blade Cleaning Attachment M Elango, Naveen .KT MECH 22-01-2018 26-7-2019 pdf
43 201741030981 Portable Grain Lifter Cum Sack Filling Machine M Elango, Naveen .KT
MECH 01-09-2017 08-03-2019 pdf
44 201641022395 Seat Ring Clearance   Provided Maintenance Tool For Gate Valve And Method of Maintenance thereof Dr.M.Elango
MECH 30-06-2016 06-04-2018 pdf
45 916/CHE/2015 Efficiency Enhanced LPG Stove Mathana Krishnan Suresh
Gokul Karthikeyan
Dr.Amirtham Valan Arasu
MECH 26-02-2015 31-08-2016 pdf
46 2759/CHE/2009 Dental Cysts Detector Dr.V.Abhaikumar
Dr.A. Banumathi
ECE 11-11-2009 12-05-2011 pdf
Filed Patents
S.No Application Number Title Inventor Department Date of Filing published
202241068212 Haptic Based Wearable Temperature Monitoring Device for Hypoesthesia Persons M.Anandha Ganesh K.Karunyah Dr.G.Ananthi Dr.S.J.Thiruvengadam ECE 28-11-2022 Not Yet