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Professional Societies and Activities for the Academic Year 2022-2023

Analytics Society of India

Analytics Society of India - TCE Student Chapter has been inaugurated by Professor Dr.U Dinesh Kumar, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and Dr. M Mathirajan, Chief Research Scientist, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on March 28th 2022. This Student Chapter at TCE aims to foster the passion of learning and implementing data-driven approaches for solving real world problems. The Society is committed to conduct various events and hackathons, building an effective platform to nurture and showcase data-driven solutions.

Event Name Event Description
Tech Talk This activity focused on promoting industry based mentorship where eminent industry professionals were invited to engage the session.
Mind Fest This event emphasized sharpening the quantitative and technical aptitude of the Learners
Graphication A 2-Day Hackathon that focused on building effective data based solutions by creating dashboards and visualizations to propose innovative strategies for solving the stated business problem
Code Hunt This event promoted the idea of puzzle based learning, sharpening problem solving skills of a programmer
Code Fiesta A Code Festival organized to kindle the spirit of competitive programming among the learners
Logic Labyrinth This event has been specially organized to awaken the zeal quantitative problem solving among the learners