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Special Interest Group: DESIGN
MEMBERS Area of Interest
Dr. V. Balasubramani Composite Materials, Finite Element Analysis, Mechanical Vibrations
Mr. C. Vignesh Bio Materials , Finite Element Analysis, Tribology
Dr. M. Sermaraj Stress Analysis, Composite materials


Special Interest Group: THERMAL
MEMBERS Area of Interest
Dr.A.Valan Arasu Solar Thermal Energy , heat transfer using nano fluids, heat storage using Phase changing materials
Dr. K. Srithar Solar Energy, Desalination using renewable energy
Dr. P. Maran CFD, Combustion , Bio fuel , Energy
Dr. B. Karthikeyan IC engine, Alternative fuels, waste heat recovery
Dr. M.S. Govardhanan Heat pipe, Heat transfer analysis, refrigeration, Nano fluid


Special Interest Group: MANUFACTURING
MEMBERS Area of Interest
Dr. K. Chockalingam Rapid prototyping, Reverse Engineering, Bio Materials, Optimization , Bio implants, Product Design
Dr. PL. K. Palaniappan Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Optimization
Dr. C. Paramasivam Robotics, CNC Machines
Dr. M. Kannan Composite Materials, Shape Memory Alloys, Vibrations, Powder Metallurgy
Dr. R. Sivasankaran Quality Engineering, Automation, Inventory, Industry 4.0
Mr. T. Prakash Bio Materials, Additive Manufacturing, Production Engineering, Product Design
Mr. C. Selva Kumar Robotics, Operations Management, Artificial Intelligence
Mr.M.Karthic Additive Manufacturing, Bio-Materials, Optimization, Product Reliability.
Dr. S.Umar Sherif Green Supply Chain Management , Sustainability and Industry 4.0


Special Interest Group: INDUSTRIAL ENGG.
MEMBERS Area of Interest
Dr. S. Muralidharan Lean and six sigma , Business Analytics
Dr. S. Karthikeyan Quality engineering and Management
Dr. ML. Mahadevan Maintenance, Reliability, Production Management
Dr. M. Balamurali Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Sheet metal nesting, Scheduling