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For the smooth conduct of the examinations, the candidates are requested to adhere to the following guidelines:
The Candidates:

  • Have to check the Hall chart and seating plan daily.
  • Have to enter the hall 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination and occupy their seat correctly.
  • Are not allowed to enter the hall after 30 minutes from the commencement of the examination; Allowed to leave the hall only after the end of 30 minutes from the commencement of Examination.
  • Are to have Student Identity card in the hall.
  • Should not be in possession of mobile phone, programmable calculator, pager and any notes or other written/ printed matter except as may be specifically permitted by the Chief Superintendent / Invigilator.
  • Have to check whether the Register Number, Name, and subject code/ name are correctly printed in the answer booklet.
  • Have to, on receipt of question paper, verify the subject code / Name and ensure that the correct question paper is received. The answer book is damaged /contains all the pages. No additional sheets will be issued.
  • Should write legibly on both sides of the pages and papers shall not be wasted.
  • Are prohibited from writing or leaving any distinguished marks so as to identify their paper.
  • Should not detach any sheets from the answer booklet and answer booklet should not be taken out of the hall.
  • Should not exchange any materials with other candidates inside the hall.
  • Have to return back any data books/ charts/ manuals issued to them before leaving the hall.
  • Have to ensure whether they signed in the attendance sheet before leaving the exam hall.
  • Have to maintain silence inside the examination hall.
  • Who resort to malpractice of any sort will be dealt seriously and suitable disciplinary action will also be taken against them. It may lead to even, cancellation of all the exams written by them during the semester.
  • Can report any missing data/figure or discrepancy in the question paper   to the Invigilator inside the Hall.
  • Can leave the exam hall for any emergency like natural calls/illness with the prior permission from the respective invigilator and with the assistance of supporting staff.