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Submitted by moderator1 on 26 February 2024
Programme 2018 - 2019 2019 - 2020 2020 - 2021 2021 - 2022 2022 - 2023
B.E Civil Engineering ce-list-2018-19 ce-list-2019-20 ce-list-2020-21 ce-list-2021-22 ce-list-2022-23
B.E Mechanical Engineering me-list-2018-19 me-list-2019-20 me-list-2020-21 me-list-2021-22 me-list-2022-23
B.E Electrical and Electronics Engineering ee-list-2018-19 ee-list-2019-20 ee-list-2020-21 ee-list-2021-22 ee-list-2022-23
B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering ec-list-2018-19 ec-list-2019-20 ec-list-2020-21 ec-list-2021-22 ec-list-2022-23
B.E Computer Science and Engineering cs-list-2018-19 cs-list-2019-20 cs-list-2020-21 cs-list-2021-22 cs-list-2022-23
B.Tech. Information Technology it-list-2018-19 it- list-2019-20 it- list-2020-21 it- list-2021-22 it- list-2022-23
B.E Mechatronics mt-list-2018-19 mt-list-2019-20 mt-list-2020-21 mt-list-2021-22 mt-list-2022-23
Bachelor of Architecture ar-list-2018-19 ar-list-2019-20 ar-list-2020-21 ar-list-2021-22 ar-list-2022-23
Master of Computer Applications ca-list-2018-19 ca-list-2019-20 ca-list-2020-21 ca-list-2021-22-II-Yr
M.E Structural Engineering se-list-2018-19 se-list-2019-20 se-list-2020-21 se-list-2021-22 se-list-2022-23
M.E Environmental Engineering en-list-2018-19 en-list-2019-20 en-list-2020-21 en-list-2021-22 en-list-2022-23
M.E Infrastructure Engineering & Management im-list-2018-19 im-list-2019-20 im-list-2020-21 im-list-2021-22 im-list-2022-23
M.E Manufacturing Engineering mf-list-2018-19 mf-list-2019-20 - - -
M.E Industrial Engineering ie-list-2018-19 ie-list-2019-20 - - -
M.E Power Systems ps-list-2018-19 ps-list-2019-20 ps-list-2020-21 ps-list-2021-22 ps-list-2022-23
M.E Control and Instrumentation ci-list-2018-19 - - - -
M.E Communication Systems cn-list-2018-19 cn-list-2019-20 cn-list-2020-21 cn-list-2021-22 cn-list-2022-23
M.E Wireless Technologies wt-list-2018-19 wt-list-2019-20 - - -
M.E Computer Science and Engineering cg-list-2018-19 cg-list-2019-20 cg-list-2020-21 cg-list-2021-22 cg-list-2022-23
M.E Computer Science and Information Security is-list-2018-19 is-list-2019-20 - - -
Masters in Architecture - - ma-list-2020-21 ma-list-2021-22 ma-list-2022-23