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The Centre for Robotics is established in the year 2019 and one of the most important labs in the Department of Mechatronics Engineering. Dr. G Satheesh Reddy, Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri, GoI and Chairman of DRDO, inaugurated the Centre for Robotics on March 22nd, 2019. The Centre is equipped with state of art collaborative YASKWA robots with a stimulating shop floor environment to support the undergraduate and Post-graduate students and doctoral research scholars as well as faculty in pursuing their robotic research and training.
  • YASKAWA MOTOMAN GP12 Industrial Robot with YRC1000 robot Controller
  • YASKAWA MOTOMAN MH5LS Industrial Robot with FS 100 robot Controller
  • QBOT2 (Quanser based research Mobile robot)
  • SIEMENS PLC - S71200
  • PV200 Image Grabber
  • YASKAWA VFD - V1000/A1000  
  • SIEMENS Servo Motor and Drive - V90 series
  • Conveyors
  • Cube Feeder
  • Vibro feeder
  • Deburring Station
  • Motosim
  • Motoplus
  • Motosync
  • Soft Pendant
  • GP Pro
  • RoboDk
  • Robo Analyser
The Centre is equipped with state of art collaborative robots for training the students, faculty, research scholars, and industry personnel in the following areas:
  • Analysis of ground vehicles
  • Modelling and Simulation of any complex dynamic Mechatronic Systems.
  • Industrial Robot Programming.
  • PLC Programming.
  • Inspection by Image Processing
  • Development of Human Machine Interface
  • Development of Open-source software
  • Training on development of a complete Industrial Automation
Work done

Student Projects

  • Neural Network Based Path Planning for a Multi-Robot System
  • Reduction of Valve Seating Velocity in Electro Hydraulic Actuation System
  • Heterogeneous reconfigurable multi robot for surveillance
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot using Android platform
  • Design and development of voice-controlled robot  
  • Multi Robot Coordination for Surveillance
  • Robot Coordination for Multiple object tracking
  • Micro Python based DIY low-cost service robot in quarantine facility of COVID-19 patients
  • Automated cooperative robot for screwing application

Internship Projects with Industry

  • Design and development 2 Link of Delta Robot, M/s Q Tek Mechatronics, Bangalore
  • Human Activity and User Prediction using Machine Learning, M/s AltairQ, Chennai
  • Data Acquisition System for IOT based building management system, M/s Facilio Technology Solutions limited, Chennai
  • Autonomous Driving Assistance System using LIDAR based on Machine learning in MATLAB, M/s Dewdas Technology Pvt Limited, Bangalore
  • Methodology for Human Robot Interface in Arc Welding OperationM/s Axis Global Automation Pvt Limited, Coimbatore

Internship Projects with overseas Industry

  • HaLSpace Bending Parameter analysis, M/s Hirano, Japan
  • Robot Cooperative Movement Simulation, M/s Hirano, Japan
  • 3D Factory simulation, M/s Hirano, Japan

Internship Projects with Higher Learning Institutes

  • Mechatronic Design and Development of Test Rig for Autonomous Multi Rotor Aerial Vehicles, 2019- 2020, IIT Bombay

Workshop/Faculty Development Programme organised

  • AICTE-QIP sponsored one-week Short term course on “Research Opportunities and Challenges in Robotics”, 19-25, February, 2018.
  • TEQIP III sponsored five days faculty development programme on “Robotics and Automation” 17th -21th June, 2019
  • TEQIP III sponsored three-day faculty development programme on “Industrial Robot Programming for Collaborative Applications” 11th -13th, December, 2019
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Industry Interface
  • M/s AlfaTKG, Hirano, Japan
  • M/s YASKAWA India Private Limited, Gurgaon
  • M/s Axis Global Automation Private Limited, Coimbatore
  • M/s Fenner India Pvt Limited, Madurai
Research Publications
  • Conference -   02
  • National Journal - 01
  • International Journal - 05
  • Dr. G. Kanagaraj, Associate Professor
  • Mr. M.A. Ganesh, Assistant Professor