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Sl.No Title Principal Investigator Funding agency / organization and scheme Grant in Lakhs
1 A study on the construction of low Cost hygienic rural Toilets using Pre Fabricated structure made up of waste Plastics stone block (PLASTONE Dr. R. Vasudevan MDWS 17.00
2 Recovery of waste plastics from e-waste component and waste rubber from used tires Dr. R. Vasudevan Department of Science and Technology 49.00
3 Use of  Agro residual and industrial wastes in the development of ultra high performance concrete Dr. Arunachalam  and
Dr. M.Kottaisamy
AICTE 23.0
4 Development of Encapsulated phosphor materials for phosphor converted white light emitting diodes (pcWLEDs) for energy saving lighting systems Dr. M.Kottaisamy UGC 12.0
5 Development of electrochemical machining process for Ti6Al4V diaphragm Dr.S.Balaji Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment, DRDO 20.54
6 Synthesis and characterization of magneto dielectric substrates for microwave antenna applications Dr.S.Balaji Department of Science and Technology 20.6
7 Development Of LiFePO4/C, Li2FeSiO4/C Based Composite Positive Electrodes and Li4Ti5O12 Based Negative Electrode For High Power Lithium ion Battery Application Dr.S.Balaji Department of Science and Technology 7.25
8 Development of Nano composite absorbers for excess EM radiation suppression Dr. V.Abhai kumar and Dr.S.Balaji Department of Science and Technology 55.0