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Theme Area

Solid Waste Management, Materials for energy and environmental applications

B.E /B.Tech Engineering

  • I semester- chemistry theory-all branches.
  • I semester- chemistry  Laboratory -all branches.
  • II semester- Environmental Science -all branches.
  • IV semester- Foundation Elective (Biology for Engineers, Battery Technology and Materials for Engineers)
  • IV semester-Capstone course for all branches
  • VII semester –mini project support & guidance.
  • VIII semester –project guidance & support.

Part Time BE-Civil

  • Engineering Chemistry

M.E /M.Tech Engineering

  • Environmental Chemistry  - ME (Environmental Engineering)
  • Project guidance & Support.

Ph.D in Chemistry

  • Water Technology , Solid Waste Management, Solar Cells, Inorganic Materials, Nano materials, Road Technologies, OLED`S,  Materials Technologies and Alternate Fuel