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The research work undertaken by individual faculty or specific research groups in EEE department   leads to M.S or Ph.D degree. Research is carried out by scholars admitted to the programmes of study through Full-Time / part-Time mode by Anna University, Chennai under the guidance of the faculty in EEE department.

EEE department is also a recognized Centre to carryout research leading to  Ph.D. degree under Quality Improvement Programme, AICTE, N.Delhi.

Ph.D.Supervisors List

Anna University & Other Universities

Sl.No Name of the supervisor Area of specialization
1 Dr.S.Baskar Optimization & Control System
2 Dr.K.Selvi Power System Restructuring
3 Dr.M.Saravanan Power Electronics applications
4 Dr.P.Venkatesh Power System De regulation
5 Dr.S.Latha FACTS device modeling
6 Dr.V.Suresh Kumar Power Quality Analysis
7 Dr.C.K.Babulal Power System Stability
8 Dr.M.Geethanjali Power System Protection
9 Dr. N.Shanmuga Vadivoo Distributed Generations Systems
10 Dr. L.Jessi Sahaya Shanthi Special Machines
11 Dr.S.Arockia Edwin Xavier FACTS controllers
12 Dr.P.S.Manoharan Optimization using Soft Computing
13 Dr.S.Charles Raja ATC Assessment
14 Dr.D.Nelson Jayakumar Power Systems Optimization, Energy Management
15 Dr.R.Helen Medical electronics, Image and signal processing, Artificial intelligence
16 Dr.G.Sivasankar Power Quality, Renewable Energy, Microgrid Technology

Ph.D.s produced/ongoing

Sl.No Details Download
1 Ph.D.s produced/ongoing