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Library collection

TCE library is fully automated Autolib library management software with RFID Technology. TCE digital library resources can be access from anywhere at any time through remote access platform. Our library building is under CCTV surveillance.
TCE Library has various Sections such as:

  • Text book section
  • Book bank section
  • Reference section
  • Periodicals section
  • Back Volume section
  • Browsing section

Also provides services such as

  • Lending service
  • Document Delivery service
  • Referral service
  • Self-online renewal
  • 24*7 remote access to Digital resources
  • Orientation to the new users
Resources Number of Volumes Number of Titles
Books 88484 57210
Book bank Books 14126 4183
Total 102610 61393
Hard copy of Journals / Magazines (2022) No. of Journals / Magazines
International Journals 21
National Journals 91
Total 112


Access to more than 5000+ E- Technical Journals and Magazines, E-Newspaper in all regional languages For access log into

Total Number of E-Books
Publishers Number of E-Books
Pearson 226
TLC Books (ProQuest) 40
IEEE – Wiley books 938
Videeya E-Books 80
Knimbus open access E-Books 78617
Total 79901
Total Number of Digital resources
Packages No. of Journals
IEEE 224
IEEE conference 13419
Springer 100
Science Direct 275
Knimbus open access journals 25000
Total 39018
  • TCE Digital library also provide access to old question papers since 2013, TCE courses, NPTEL, Delnet, N-List and National Digital Library.
  • For more visit TCE Digital library
  • Log in with your individual credentials.
  • For any queries contact library [at] tce [dot] edu