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DST Projects

Project title Period Amount
(in lakhs)
Principal Investigator Department Status
Development of digital type superconducting generator mod 3 years  9.3 Dr.K.Selvi EEE Completed
Development and implementation of real time Intelligent controllers for power industry 3 Years  16.2 Dr.P.Venkatesh EEE Completed
Weather modeling and Forecasting 2008   DR.A.Valan Arasu Mech Completed
A Replacement and Substitutable Inventory Systems 1 Year 3.77 Dr.N.Anbazhagan Maths Completed
RF Wireless - FIST 2004-2007 37 Dr. V Abhai Kumar,
Dr.Mrs. S.Raju,
Dr. SJ.Thiruvenkadam
ECE Completed
Wireless Technologies - TIFAC CORE 2005-2010 198 Dr. V Abhai Kumar,
Dr.Mrs. S.Raju,
Dr. SJ. Thiruvenkadam
ECE Completed
Study  on characterisation and utilisation of waste plastics - Green Technology 2 Years 32 Dr.R.Vasudevan Chem Completed
Development of digital type superconducting generator model 2008-2010 8.90 Dr.K.Selvi EEE Ongoing
Development and implementation of real-time intelligent Controllers for power industry 2009-2012 16.20 Dr.P.Venkatesh EEE Ongoing
Strengthening of Concrete filled Steel Tubular(CFST) Members in Compression using advanced FRP 03 July 2009 13.50 Dr,M.C.Sundarraja Civil Ongoing
Development of Decision Support System to Design Cellular Manufacturing System under Dynamic Demands 2012-2014 17.70 R.Subhaa Mentor: Dr.N.Jawahar Mech Ongoing
Characterization and Utilization of Emerging Flexible Waste Plastics-Green Technology - 42.08 Dr.R.Vasudevan Chem Ongoing
FIST 2007 33.50 Dr.S.Mercy Shalinie CSE Ongoing
TIFAC-CORE- Wireless Technology-Phse II 2011 635.00 Dr.S.Raju ECE Ongoing
Load ability Margin estimation in restructured environment 2013-2015   PI: Ms.Suganya Devi Mentor: Dr.Babulal EEE Ongoing
Analytical modeling and simulation of quantum
mechanical effects in multi gate MOSFET
2012-14 25.10 PI:Ms.Vimala Mentor: Dr.Balamurugan ECE Ongoing
Comprehensive Instrumentation systems for
diagnosis and root cause analysis of reduced
operational efficiency of in-field motors
2011-14 8 Dr. V Prakah EEE Ongoing
Real time PID control of twin rotor multi -input
Multi-Output systems using Evolutionary Algorithms
2012-15 26.54 DR. P.S.Manoharan EEE Ongoing
Development of LiFePO4/C, Li2FeSiO4/C Based Composite Positive Electrodes and Li4Ti5O12 Based negative Electrode for high Lithium ion Battery Applications 2012-15 7.44 Dr. S. Balaji Chem Ongoing