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College Day Awards - 2018

S.No. Name of the Award Reg.No. Name of the Student Department
1. Medal For Outgoing Student Excellence (Boy) 13AR72 S.Sumanth Ram Architecture
2. Medal For Outgoing Student Excellence (Girl) 14B93 S.Rithika Civil
3. Medal For Best Outgoing Student (Boy) 14B16 M.Arun Kumar Civil
4. Medal For Best Outgoing Student (Girl) 14IT84 M.Reshma Kris IT
5. TCS Best Student Award 14D111 S.Varshika ECE
Best Outgoing Student of the Department (Programme wise)
6. B.E. Civil Engineering 14B03 T.J.Abhinandan
7. B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 14E98 S.Saravanan
8. B.E. Mechanical Engineering 14G90 S.Shivram
9. B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering 14D103 S.Sushmitha Shree
10. B.E. Computer Science and Engineering 14C82 M.K.Priya
11. B.Tech. Information Technology 14IT109 N.T.Tejas Prabhu
12. B.E. Mechatronics 14F52 T.Steev Winston
13. B.Arch. 13AR58 P.N.Sangami
14. M.E. Structural Engineering 16J012 B.Ponmani
15. M.E. Environmental Engineering 16EN011 M.M.Jeeva Kumar
16. M.E. Infrastructure Engineering and Management 16IM002 M.Aruna
17. M.E. Power System Engineering 16K010 G.R.Hemanth
18. M.E. Control and Instrumentation Engineering 16CN003 A.Benitto
19. M.E. Industrial Engineering 16L007 J.Praveen
20. M.E. Manufacturing Engineering 16MF009 R.Rajeshshyam
21. M.E. Communication Systems 16N003 S.Anupriyadharsini
22. M.E. Wireless Technologies 16WT001 N.Adhithiya
23. M.E. Computer Science and Engineering 16CS011 R.Raja Subramanian
24. M.E. Computer Science and information Security 16IS001 C.Abinaya
25. M.E. Mechatronics 16MC003 I.Leando
26. MCA 15Y049 VE Suthalakshmi
Extracurricular Activities
27. Best Outgoing NCC Cadet (Boy) 14F32 V.Muthu Krishnan Mechatronics
28. Best Outgoing NCC Cadet (Girl) 14E08 K.Anjali Choudhary EEE
29. Best Outgoing NSS Volunteer (Boy) 14E113 R.Vasanthan EEE
30. Best Outgoing NSS Volunteer (Girl) 14E102 R.G.Sharmila Devi EEE
31. Best Outgoing Sports Person (Boy) 14D95 K.Sree Vishnuram ECE
32. Best Outgoing Sports Person (Girl) 14E43 J.Jensih Sweetlin Bright EEE
33. Best Outgoing Fine Arts Student (Boy) 14B64 E.Muthamil Civil
34. Best Outgoing Fine Arts Student (Girl) 14E54 V.J.Karpaga Priya EEE