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Organisation at the national level sponsor specific programs of research by funding projects which are undertaken by the faculty.Research of this kind is time bound but provides for those involved in the project expertise in their research area. Project proposals are usually prepared by TCE faculty and forwarded to various organisations based on the nature of research and the interest shown by Government/Research bodies to fund new projects.

Title of the Project Objective(s) Investigator(s) Funding agency Details of Sanction Status Outcomes of the project
File no. Amount Period
Design of Energy Efficient Buildings To study and document various Vernacular techniques R.Shanthi Priya UGC   10 lakhs June 12- 15 completed Published in journals/ conferences
Climate responsive Chettinadu Buildings To study the energy efficient techniques used in traditional chettinad houses S.Radhakrishnan UGC   7 lakhs June11- June 2014 completed Published in journals/ conferences
Thermal performance evaluation of roofs of residential buildings in madurai To study the role and design of roofs in reducing heat gain in buildings A.Madhumathi UGC   11 lakhs August 2015 – August 18 On going Published in journals/ conferences New proto type roof model developed
MODROBS To modernize and remove obsolescence in Architecture learning Dr. Jinu Louishidha Kitchley AICTE   12 lakhs 2018-2020 completed To prepare video lecture and presentation content