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LAB Demo Videos

  • BOSCH REXROTH Hydraulic Trainer Kit Demo: Video Link
  • SIEMENS IOT based Mechatronics System Demo: Video Link
  • Student Project on Multipurpose 3axis Plotter: Video Link

List of Major Equipment


  • Hydraulic Trainer Kit (Make: BOSCH REXROTH)
  • Proportional Hydraulics Kit (Make: BOSCH REXROTH)
  • CNC Turning Simulator (SINUMERIK 828D) (Make: SIEMENS)
  • Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit (Make: JANATICS)
  • Portable Compressor-8bar (Make: FESTO)
  • Automation Studio Software
  • SINUMERIK Turning and Milling Software


  • IOT based Mechatronics System (Make: SIEMENS)
  • Motion Logic Controller (MLC) Trainer Kit (Make: BOSCH REXROTH)
  • Linear Motion Control System (Make: NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS)
  • Motion Logic Drive (MLD) Trainer Kit (Make: BOSCH REXROTH)
  • Programmable logic Controller (PLC)with Motion logic card (Make: BOSCH REXROTH)
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)with Simulator (Make: BOSCH REXROTH)
  • HMI Touch Panel (Make: BOSCH REXROTH)
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) (Make: BOSCH REXROTH)
  • Indra Works Engineering Software
  • SCADA Software
  • Siemens TIA software
  • Siemens SIMOTION Software


  • Proto-type Model for
    • Students Projects
    • Entrepreneurship development Proof of Concept
    • Caterpillar competition Prototype
    • Electric Vehicle Club models and Design
  • Simulation experiments on
    • PLC
    • IOT
    • CNC
    • Pneumatics & Hydraulics - Traditional and Research Applications.
  • Industrial and Faculty Members Training on
    • PLC programming and interfacing,
    • HMI and SCADA programming and Interfacing,
    • Industrial Networks.
    • Pneumatics & Hydraulics
  • Consultancy on retrofitting of conventional mechanical systems with total automation.

Target Users

  • All disciplines of UG students, PG and PhD Scholars.
  • All Low-cost automation and PLC related industries/Companies.
  • Industrial Training on PLC, SCADA, HMI, CNC and Fluid Power Systems.

Work done

  • UG and PG student thesis works on
    • Industry 4.0 Connected Drives using OPC UA
    • Hydraulic Motor Quality check using Sound & Vibration
    • Industry 4.0 Hydraulic cylinder motion control
    • Intelligent Belt Control
    • Home Automation system with Web server control
    • Dashboard for Inventory Management
    • Purging Flash & cycle time reduction in Injection Molding
    • Automation Weld Length measurement system of Hand Brake
    • Automatic License Plate detection using CNN.
    • AGV Steering Control system.
    • Image based Obstacle Avoidance system.
  • Short Term training program on Industrial automation
    • M/s.TAFE Ltd
    • M/s. J.K Fenner Ltd, Madurai
  • AICTE FDP on Industrial Automation
    • Engineering College Faculty Members
    • Industry Persons.
  • Short Term Training Courses and Competitions
    • Inter and Intra Engineering College Students

Industry Interface


Special Interest Group (SIG)

SIG Title: Automation and Control

  • The sub domains of this SIG include Industrial Automation, Mobile Hydraulics, Linear motion control drives, CNC simulator, Robotic control system, PLC based IOT application, Network systems
  • Faculty In charges: H. Ramesh, S. Julius Fusic and S. Manikandan

Paper Published:

  • International Journal (Scopus Indexed): 03 Nos.
  • National Journal (Scopus Indexed): 03 Nos.
  • International/National Conferences: 12 Nos.
  • Book Chapters (Springer & IGI Global): 06 Nos.

Curriculum Developed

  • 14MT490 – Automation Lab
  • 18MT570 – Industry Automation Lab
  • 14MT770 – System Integration (T & P)
  • 18MT760 – System Integration Laboratory
  • 14MT810 & 18MT810 - Projects
  • Mr. H. RAMESH, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. S. JULIUS FUSIC, Assistant Professor