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Demo- Video Link
List of Major Equipment
  • ADALM 2000 Active Learning Module (Analog Devices)
  • LAN Cabling and Testing Kit
  • Electrical Wiring Kit
  • PCB Fabrication Kit
  • PC (Server PC) I5 Processor, 8GB RAM with Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
  • Basic Printed Circuit Board fabrication (Single layer)
  • Basic Analog signal processing using Indigenously developed Analog kit
  • Testing of LAN cables, Electrical wiring connections
  • Basic Soldering and Desoldering for through hole components
Target Users
  • All disciplines of UG students, PG and PhD Scholars

Robo war competition Kit development

UG and PG student thesis works on

  • Soil moisture sensor development
Industry Interfaced
  • M/s TVS Sensing Solutions, Madurai
  • Mr. M. M. Devarajan, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. R. Vijayakumar, Lab assistant