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Vision Systems Lab


  • Building Machine Vision Systems for Industrial Applications.
  • Developing Indigenous Machine Vision software.
  • Handling Applied and Academic research in Vision.
  • Handling Sponsored Projects for various agencies-DRDL, AICTE, & Industries.


Auto Align Phase I :Developed a Machine Vision System to evaluate Shell misalignment.

  • Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 20.70 Lakhs
  • Project Commenced on Dec1999
  • Project Completed on Dec 2002
  • Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad

AICTE MODROB: Vision Systems Laboratory

  • Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 8.00 Lakhs
  • Amount Spent: Rs. 13.62 Lakhs.
  • Date of commencement: 19.04.2002
  • Date of Completion: 19.05.2004
  • Duration of the Project: Two Years

Auto Align Phase II :To develop a Machine Vision System to evaluate Shell misalignment .

  • Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 14.50 Lakhs

Remnant Sheet Metal Project :To develop a Machine Vision System to acquire the images of remnant sheets.

  • Amada Soft, Chennai


  • Developing a set of Machine Vision experiments for European Union Cross Cultural Programme  on “Virtual Instrumentation on Robotics and Telematics”.
  • Repeatability Analysis of Robot using Vision
  • Wall following robot


  • University of Wurzberg, West Germany,
  • University of Madrid, Spain,
  • Anna University, Chennai,
  • Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.(CSE, ECE &Mechanical Departments)


  • Workshop on Machine Vision during 19 & 20 Oct. 2001 @ TCE., Sponsored by M/s. National Instruments, Bangalore and M/s. Online Solutions Chennai
  • Workshop on World Class Manufacturing during 16 & 17 Aug.2002 @ TCE Key Resource : Dr.Sheik Meeran University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • First National Workshop on Computer Vision, Graphics & Image Processing - WVGIP 2002 during 15-16 Feb.2002 @ TCE, Jointly with IUPRAI, IIT Delhi, ISI Kolkatta and ECE Dept., of TCE
  • Second National Workshop on Computer Vision Graphics & Image Processing - WCVGIP 2004
  • during 14-15 Feb 2004 @ MITS Gwalior, M.P, Jointly with IUPRAI, IIT Delhi and ECE Dept., of TCE
  • Summer school on Advances in visual object recognition and retrieval jointly with ECE department & IUPRAI, 4-8, July, 2011.


  • 5th Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP – 2006) during 13th -16th December 2006 @ TCE, jointly with IUPRAI, IIT Delhi and ECE Dept., of TCE


  • Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad (DRDL).
  • National Instruments, Bangalore.
  • TVS Motor Company, Hosur
  • Siemens, Bangalore
  • APNA Technology Solutions, Bangalore
  • Sundaram Fasteners, Madurai.
  • AMADA Soft India, Chennai


Frame Grabber

  • PC Vision Plus Frame Grabber with 4 MB onboard memory


  • Two nos. of 2/3” Progressive Scan Cameras
  • 6mm Micro Camera


  • Standard Lens Kit
  • Distortion less Macro lens Kit
  • Telecentric lens 55 mm,
  • 2/3” Close focus Zoom lens 18-108 mm
  • Variable Magnification CCD Lens 12.5-75mm
  • Varifocal lens and Filters - Red/Green/Blue

Illumination Systems

  • Fiber Optic Illuminator
  • LED Ring Light

Test equipment

  • Focal length Finder
  • Depth of Field Target
  • Grid Distortion target
  • IEEE Target
  • Resolution Target for Field & Contrast
  • Star Target
  • Precision Ronchi Rulings Glass slides
  • Concentric Square Target

Test equipment

  • Image Analysis Micrometer
  • Opal Glass with cross line Target
  • Camera copy stands
  • XY Metric stage

Infrastructure (Softwares)

  • Sherlock 32 Machine Vision Software
  • Runtime License for MV tools software
  • NI IMAQ Vision Software
  • OLIVE Software


  • Ph.D work on “Analysing the effect of operating parameters on the accuracy of camera calibration”
  • P.G. Thesis works on
    • Error analysis in camera calibration
    • Evaluation of calibration methods
    • GA for camera calibration
    • Camera calibration applications
    • Camera calibration accuracy studies with DOE
  • U.G. project works on
    • Machine vision systems