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AICTE Projects

Project title Period Amount(in lakhs) Principal Investigator Department Status
Modernization of Hydraulics laboratory 2008-2009 10.00 Dr.K.Arunachalam Civil Completed
Numerical Modeling of Contaminant Transport in Soils - - Dr.K.Arunachalam Civil Completed
Modenization of Cement and Concrete lab 2009-10 13 Dr.K.Arunachalam Civil Completed
Analyzing the complexity and quality of parallel algorithms - 6 Dr.N.Ramaraj Dr.S.MercyShalinie CSE Completed
Design of Multi-Hypothesis target tracking with HPTC and Evolutionary Tech - 10 Dr.G.Andal Jayalaksmi
EEE Completed
Design and Development of DSP based facts controllers 2008-09 4.85 Dr.P.Venkatesh EEE Completed
Large scale integration and power quality assessment of distributed wind generation 2007-10 10.5 Dr.V.Suresh Kumar EEE Completed
Risk Based Security Assessment 2007-10 3.32 Dr.C.K.Babulal EEE Completed
Development of design and analysis package for power system analysis 2007-09 5 Dr.S.Mary Raja Slochanal EEE Completed
Development and design of position control for brushless DC motor 2008-09 7 Ms.P.Renuka EEE Completed
Non-destructive Quality Assuarance of Brushless DC Motor 2009-10 5.18 Dr.V.Prakash EEE Completed
Modernization of instrumentation and control lab 2006-07 8 Dr.PS. Kannan EEE Completed
Modernization of Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory 2008-09 6 Dr.PS. Kannan EEE Completed
Field oriented control of induction motor drive 2007-09 6 Dr.M.Saravanan EEE Completed
DSP Based A/C Drives 2006-07 8 Dr.M.Saravanan EEE Completed
CAD of MMIC Components - 8 Dr.V.AbhaiKumar ECE Completed
Modernization of Signal Processing Lab(Co-simulation of DSP, RF and Analog) - 8 Dr.V.AbhaiKumar ECE Completed
Database for integrated watershed Management in vadipatti micro watershed in Madurai District using GIS & Remote Sensing - 9 Dr.R.A.Alaguraja ECE Completed
CAD of MMIC Components - 8 Dr.V.AbhaiKumar Dr.S.Raju ECE Completed
Embeddded Networking Based on CAN BUS - 9.9 A.Joseph Dhayalan ECE Completed
Modernization of Communication Lab 1998 5 Dr.V.AbhaiKumar Dr.SJ.Thiruvenkadam ECE Completed
Setting up of EDA tools Laboratory for ASIC Design 2002 7 Dr.S.Rajaram ECE Completed
Automotive emission 2008-09 10.00 Dr.N.Jawahar Dr.A.Valan Arasu Mr.A.Samuel Raja Mech Completed
Integration of CAD, CAM and CNC Systems using STEP NC 2007-09 8 Dr.V.DhanaLakshmi Mr.S.Sivakumari Mech Completed
Development of Fast, Accurate and Efficient Algorithm for Reverse Engineering 2007-09 9 Dr.K.Chockalingam Dr.V.Dhanalakshmi Mech Completed
Teaching Systems for Mechatronics Automation 2003 9.8 Dr.N.Jawahar Dr.SP.Nachiappan Mech Completed
Exploration and development of decision supprot models for logistics and supply chain 2003 7.5 Dr.N.Jawahar Dr.SP.Nachiappan Mech Completed
Modernization of Mechanical Engineering Lab 2002-05 4 Prof.S.Krishnan Mech Completed
Visions Systems Lab 2002-05 8 Prof.S.Krishnan Mech Completed
Mathematical Modeling Lab, electro osmotic flow - 4.3 Dr.V.Mohan
Maths Completed
Computational Fluid Dynamics lab - 10 Dr.V.Mohan Maths Completed
Numerical Methods & Mathematical Modeling Lab - 6 Dr.V.Mohan Maths Completed
Modeling and Optimizing Solar Evaporation for disposing Industrial Effluent 2003-05 5 Dr.D.Muthuarasu Phy Completed
MODROBS 2000-03 7 Dr.K.Ramanathan   Completed
Characterization of Conducting Polymer Laboratory 2002 9 Dr,R.Vasudevan Chem Completed
Risk based system security assessment 2009-2011 2.30 Dr.P.Venkatesh EEE Ongoing
Comprehensive Instrumentation System for Diagnosis and root cause analysis of reduced operational efficiency of infield motors 2011-2013 8.00 Dr.V.Prakash EEE Ongoing
Development of value Engineering Laboratory 2010 3.00 Dr.M.Palani Natha Raja Dr.PL.K.Palaniappan Mech Ongoing
Development of Process Models for Quantization of Process Parameter to Achieve Desired Performance Characteristics in Wire EDM Process 02-21-2011 20.00 Dr.K.Chockalingam Dr.N.Jawahar Mech Ongoing
Modernization of Machine Shop 2011 9.00 Dr.N.Jawahar Dr.PL.K.Palaniappan Mech Ongoing
A novel Approach to Numerical Analysis of Electro Osmotic Micro Flows 2008 4.60 Dr.V.Mohan
Maths Ongoing
Use of Agro residual and industrial wastes in the development of ultra high performance concrete 2013-16 - Dr.K Arunachalam,
Co- investigator
Civil Ongoing
Remote interactive smart training room 2013-14 - Dr. N Shivaraman IT Ongoing
Performance analysis of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Security 2013-14 - Dr. MSK. Manikandan ECE Ongoing
Mobile based Cardiovascular Disease diagnosis system for Rural India 2013-14 - Dr.C.Deisy CSE Ongoing
Deterministic execution time analysis of real time applications on Multicore architectures 2013-14 - Dr.P.Chitra CSE Ongoing
Modeling and Simulation of Multi-Gate Nanowire Transistors for Low Power CMOS Applications 2013-14 - Dr. N. B.Balamurugan ECE Ongoing
Design and Development of Stego Intrusion Detection System (StegoIDS) for Image Covers using Multicore Environment 2013-14 - Dr. S.Geetha IT Ongoing
AICTE (RPS) – Investigation of photometric characterization of LED and OLED using integrating sphere 2013 23.33 Dr P S Manoharan EEE Ongoing