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Ph.D.s produced/ongoing

Sl. No Name of the Supervisor Name of the scholar Internal / External Full Time / Part Time Year of Registration Title/ Domain Status
1 Dr. C. Deisy B.Subbulakshmi Internal PT 2011 A framework for mining of frequent patterns and class association rules from incremental data Completed
2 Dr. C. Deisy M. Pradeepa External PT 2011 Enhanced Automatic Extraction of Target Based Multi word Expression with Clustering Technique for opinion Mining Completed
3 Dr. C. Deisy S. Ilankumaran External PT 2011 Data mining Completed
4 Dr. C. Deisy A.M. Rajeswari Internal PT 2011 Semi-supervised associative classifier for outlier detection in skewed databases Completed
5 Dr. C. Deisy K. Murugeswari Internal PT 2011 A Framework for Analyzing the text embedded images using Steganalysis Completed
6 Dr.S.Padmavathi E.Ramanujam Internal PT 2013 Parameter free motif discover process to improve the performance of time series signal classification Completed
7 Dr. P. Karthikeyan T.M. Devi External PT 2016 Smart healthcare system Ongoing
8 Dr. P. Karthikeyan M. Manikandakumar Internal PT 2016 An IoT framework for agricultural development Completed
9 Dr.C.Deisy Mercelin Francis [QIP] External PT 2016 mobile based agricultural disease diagnosis system Completed
10 Dr. S. Padmavathi C. Santhiya Internal PT 2017 Dynamic resource Provisioning in cloud environment using AI techniques. Ongoing
11 Dr. S. Padmavathi T. Manju Internal PT 2017 An Intelligent Framework for Improvising Interactivity using Virtual Environments Ongoing
12 Dr. P. Karthikeyan R. Parkavi Internal PT 2017 Technology based learning management system through efficient information and communication tools Ongoing
13 Dr. S. Muthuramalingam S. Pudumalar Internal PT 2017 Performance enhanced computational intelligence approach for Indian agriculture Ongoing
14 Dr. P. Karthikeyan K. Deepalakshmi External PT 2017 Efficient big data processing and analytic scheme Ongoing
15 Dr.C.Deisy Abissheka pon External PT 2017 Text mining Ongoing
16 Dr.C.Deisy P. Sharmila External FT 2017 Web mining Completed
17 Dr. S. Muthuramalingam S. Rakesh kumar External PT 2017 Sentimental analysis using big data Completed
18 Dr. S. Muthuramalingam N. Gayathri External PT 2017 Human psychology prediction using big data Completed
19 Dr. S. Muthuramalingam C.V. Nisha Angeline Internal PT 2017 Enhancing Performance of IoT Based Applications Using Next Generation Networks.   Ongoing
20 Dr. P. Karthikeyan R. Sasikumar External PT 2018 An efficient security algorithm for providing confidentiality and authentication for IoT Ongoing
21 Dr. S. Padmavathi G. Jeya shree External FT 2018 An intelligent framework for resource management in fog computing Completed
22 Dr. S. Padmavathi D. Malarvizhi External PT 2018 Intelligent fog computing for industrial IoT automation systems Completed
23 Dr.S.Padmavathi S.Thiruchadai Pandeeswari Internal PT 2019 Intelligent service provisioning and communication framework for fog based IoT systems Ongoing
24 Dr.A.M.Abirami S.Karthiga Internal PT 2015 Design and Development of Novel Algorithms for analyzing Big Data Completed
25 Dr.C.Deisy R.Saraswathi Meena Internal PT 2019 BIG DATA ANALYTICS BASED DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM Ongoing  
26 Dr.S. Muthuramalingam G.Thiraviaselvi External PT 2019 Networking Ongoing  
27 Dr. A.M. Abirami K. Selva sheela External PT 2021 Customer Review analysis in big data Completed
28 Dr. S. Muthuramalingam B. Ramprakash External PT 2021 Recommender system for enhancing agricultural pratice using data analytics Ongoing  
29 Dr. C. Deisy A. Indirani Internal PT 2021 A unified system to prediet the cancer by medical Image using DL Ongoing  
30 Dr. C. Deisy T. Saranya Internal PT 2021 To improve smart farming using IOT & Deep learning Ongoing  
31 Dr. A.M. Abirami V. Rajesh kannan External PT 2021 Data Analytics Ongoing  
32 Dr.A.M.Abirami K.Vignesh External PT 2022 Performance Analysis of Deep Learning Techniques for Crop Yield Prediction Completed
33 Dr.C.Deisy A.Bhuvaneshwaran External PT 2022 A Machine learning based framework for software reliability growth modelling Ongoing  
34 Dr.C.Deisy P.Vijaya Praba Internal PT 2022 Affective Computing based Rehabilitiation for children with autism Ongoing  
35 Dr.S.Sridevi Jeyasoundari External FT 2023 Enhancing security features in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) using intrusion detection system (IDS) Ongoing  
36 Dr.S.Muthuramalingam M.Geetharani External PT 2023 Secure Transfer of data in cloud computing using DNA cryptography Ongoing