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Sl.No Project Title Name of the Investigator Amount (in lakhs) Sponsored Agency
1 Design and Development of Stego Intrusion Detection System(STEGOIDS) for Image Convers using Multicore Environment Dr.S.Geetha 4.00 AICTE
2 Motorola Enterprise Mobility Lab Dr.S.Muthuramalingam 10.00 Motorola Solutions
3 SMART AND SECURE EDIFICE - A secure monitoring system for Home & Laboratories Mr. M. Thangavel 0.10 TEQIP - II
4 SMART AND SECURE e-HEALTHCARE FOR DIABETES - An Personnel Healthcare Assistantship Mr. M. Thangavel 0.15 TEQIP - II
5 Smart energy Management and Analytics Mr. M. Arun Fera 0.10 TEQIP - II
6 An Agent Based Cloud Revenue Model for Women Empowerment in Rural areas Dr.S.Padmavathi 6.11 AICTE-RPS
7 Multifactor authentication for virtual private network Dr.S.Muthuramalingam
Mrs.C.V.Nisha Angeline
8 Virtual Reality based cognitive rehabilitation for autism children to improve their social behavior Mrs.T.Manju
33.78 DST-CSR