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Blockchain is an emerging technology platform for developing decentralized applications and data storage, over and beyond its role as the technology underlying the cryptocurrencies. The basic tenet of this platform is that it allows to create a distributed and replicated ledger of events, transactions, and data generated through various IT processes with strong cryptographic guarantees of tamper resistance, immutability, and verifiability. The global blockchain market size is expected to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion by 2025. The objective of this course is to provide conceptual understanding of how blockchain technology can be used to innovate and improve business processes. The course covers the technological underpinning of blockchain operations in both theoretical and practical implementation of solutions using blockchain technology.


By the end of this course, the learners will be able to

  • Explain the fundamental characteristics of   blockchain using bitcoin.
  • Demonstrate the application of hashing and public key cryptography in protecting the blockchain
  • Explain the elements of trust in a Blockchain: validation, verification, and consensus.
  • Perform a transaction in bitcoin testnets.
  • Develop smart contracts in Ethereum framework

Module -1- Blockchain technology and Bitcoin
Bitcoin eco system - peer - to - peer permission less network - addresses in bitcoin. Transactions - syntax , structures, and validation , Blocks - structure, Merkle tree and validation, blockchain, Mining - target/difficulty, hash rates, consensus, forking.
Module 2 Cryptographic Applications in Blockchain
Wallets - hash functions - public key cryptography - elliptic curve cryptography - digital signatures
Module 3 Smart Contracts - Ethereum
Smart Contracts- Objectives and principles for the design of Blockchain systems, Understanding Ethereum, Ethereum Basics  , Writing smart contracts using Ethereum
Module -4 Enterprise Applications of Blockchain
Issues and Needs of Blockchain, Benefits and Challenges of Blockchain Implementation - Smart Health Care, Transportation, Smart City and Supply Chain Management

  • Dr. C. Jeyamala
  • Dr. P. Karthikeyan
  • Dr. A.M. Abirami
  • Ms. R.Parkavi