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Data Structures – Placement Bootcamp course helps the learners to face the placement confidently. This course comprises of two levels of learning: in the first level, the learner can understand various data structures and their operations for manipulating them. And in second level, learner can develop the ability to solve challenging problems by choosing appropriate data structures.


By the end of this course, the learners will be able to
    • Apply the concepts of linear data structures including stack, queue and linked list for suitable applications in trade off with time and space complexity.
    • Apply the concepts of nonlinear data structures including binary tree, binary search tree and heap tree for suitable applications in trade off with time and space complexity.


Module 1:
Review of C Programming - Basics, Data Types, Array, Condition Statement, Iterative Statement, Functions, Structure. Abstract Data Type - Abstract Data Type. Introduction to Data Structures – Introduction. Performance Measure - Time and Space Complexity, Compute Time Complexity - Operation Count, Compute Time Complexity - Operation Count, Asymptotic Measure - Big-oh, Omega, Theta.

Module 2:
Linked List - Definition, Compare with Array, Types. Singly Linked List - Definition, Operation – Traversal, Create, Insert, Delete, Application - Polynomial Addition. Circular Linked List - Definition, Differ from SLL, Application - Josephus Problem. Doubly Linked List - Definition, Differ from SLL, Application - Palindrome Checking. Challenging Questions.

Module 3:
Stack - Definition, Operations - Push, Pop, Peek, Implementation - Linked List, Applications - Matching Braces, Infix to Postfix, Postfix Evaluation. Linear Queue - Definition, Operations - Enqueue, Dequeue, Implementation - Linked List, Application - Job Scheduling, Drawback of linear queue. Circular Queue - Definition, Variant from linear queue, Application - Job Scheduling. Challenging Questions.

Module 4:
Binary Tree - Terminologies and Properties, Binary Tree – Definition, Representation, Traversal - Inorder, Preorder, Postorder, Level order, Application - Expression Tree. Binary Heap - Definition, Representation, Operations – Insert, Delete Min / Max, Build Heap, Increase / Decrease Key, Application - Huffman Coding. Binary Search Tree – Definition, Operations – Search, Insert, Delete, Traversal. Challenging Questions


    1. Dr. M.K.Kavitha Devi     -
    2. Ms. Raja Lavanya        -