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These relate to the research work undertaken by indiviudual faculty or specific research groups in each department running academic programmes leading to M.S or PH.D degree. Research is carried out by scholars admitted to the programmes of study by research under the guidence of the faculty in each department.

Ph.D.Supervisors List

Anna University & Other Universities

Sl.No Name of the supervisor Area of specialization
1 Dr. N. Jawahar Production & Industrial Engineering
2 Dr. T. Sornakumar Mechanical, Manufacturing and Production Engg
3 Dr.C. Muruganantham Computer vision, Machine vision
4 Dr.S. Muralidharan Quality Engineering and Management
5 Dr.V.Dhanalakshimi Production Engineering
6 Dr. K. Chockalingam Rapid prototyping, Production Engineering
7 Dr.PL.K.Palaniappan Supply chain management, Production Engineering
8 Dr.A.Valan Arasu Thermal Energy Engineering
9 Dr. M.PalaniNathaRaja Quality Engineering and Management
10 Dr. K. Srithar Thermal, Solar Energy and Heat Transfer
11 Dr. C. Paramasivam Manufacturing Engineering, Robotics
12 Dr. M. Kathiresan Manufacturing, Composite Materials
13 Dr. P.Maran Thermal, Energy, CFD, Combustion, Bio-Fuel
14 Dr.S. Karthikeyan Quality Engineering and Management
15 Dr.G.Kumaraguruparan Electronics Cooling, MEMS, CFD, Heat Transfer

Ph.D.s produced/ongoing

Sl.No Details Download
1 Ph.D.s produced/ongoing