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The following innovative teaching methods are being adopted.

Sl.No. Faculty Involved Course Name ICT Tool used Download
1 Dr.K.Chockalingam Machine drawing Flipped class , PPT
2 Dr.K.Chockalingam Additive Manufacturing Flipped class , PPT
3 Dr.K.Chockalingam Product design and development Flipped class , PPT
4 Dr.A.Valan Arasu  Thermal Engineering Flipped class , PPT
5 Dr.ML.Mahadevan Material handling system engineering Flipped classroom, Case Study
6 Dr.R.Sivasankaran Reliability Engineering Flipped class, PPT, Padlet
7 Dr.R.Sivasankaran Accounting and Finance Flipped class, PPT, Padlet
8 Mr.T.Prakash Geometric modeling Google forms, Padlet
9 Dr.S.Saravanaperumal Assembly Engineering Canvas, PPT
10 Dr. S.Muralidharan Lean and six sigma WordPress
11 Dr. S.Karthikeyan Management theory and practice WordPress
12 Mr.MM.Devarajan Accounting and Finance Padlet, Rapid Quiz