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List of Licensced Technologies

S.No Patent Number Ttitle
1. 198254 A new mix process of waste plastics-aggregate-bitumen for flexible pavement
2. 344670 A Process And A System For Manufacturing Of  Tiles/Blocks from Waste Plastics
3. 400666 Construction Blocks Prepared Using Waste Plastics and Aggregates

Recent Applications

Available for Licenscing

S.No Patent Number Title
1. 512164 Heat Absorbing Phase Change Material For Helmet Cooling
2. 479645 An Automatic Rain Harvesting System for Detecting, Shielding and Storing Rain Water
3. 474536 System and Method for Automatic Empty Tray Recognition
4. 463667 An Apparatus For Marshalling Sticks And Method Thereof
5. 456543 Semi-Automatic Ac Dust Remover and Its Cleaning Apparatus
6. 432486 A Novel Modulation Technique For Grid Connected Three Phase Quasi Z Source Line Synchronized Inverter
7. 426574 Synthesis of Graphene Using Modified Chemical Reduction Method
8. 417141 A New Process For The Conversion Of Waste Plastics To Petroleum Fuels Using Chemically Modified Rice Husk   Derived Silica Catalyst
9. 412428 Low Temperature Phase Change with high latent heat
10. 393605 Method Of Preparation Of Geopolymer Concrete Using Alternative Fine Aggregate Under Ambient Curing Conditions
11. 388730 A system and method for shredding organic waste using crowd sourced manual power